5 reasons why you need a skateboard

1. Its so fun! Once you buy your first board and get into it you will never want to stop skating, and the feeling when you land a new trick is the best!

2. It is exercise. If you buy a board and go skate its way better than sitting inside playing vidoe games, or watching movies. Instead you will be outside getting active.

3. You will make new friends. When you skate you will meet new people, and begin to make friends constantly.

4. Its a way of transportantion. If you have a skateboard you can go fast to get places. It is way easier than running, or carrying around a huge bike, and you can still go fast.

5. You can become pro. If you get good enough, and have enough dedication you will eventually get sponsors and become pro. If that happens you will get paid for doing something you love to do oeveryday

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